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To like our facebook page

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All donation & sponsorship receipts will be sent by the Founder of Wisdom Foundation via email from domain id. 

Wisdom Foundation keeps the personal details of its donors strictly confidential.

Please make the donation drafts in the name of:  Wisdom Foundation payable at Kolkata.

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  • To establish, maintain and run schools and social welfare organizations, industrial training  centres
  • To establish and run training institutes, to train students in English and other vernacular languages
  • To work in collaboration with other NGOs to work for the promotion of English and other regional and international languages
  • To formulate instructional medium for the promotion of English and other regional and international languages
  • To work for the advancement and promotion of communal amity and to organize seminars, symposia, debates, and other similar activities for promotion of the same
  • To publish text books and other study materials with an objective to enable easy learning of English, other regional languages and also various international languages
  • To undertake propaganda, training and education of the masses either of its own or in co-operation with similar agencies working for the cause of all round development of the society
  • To bring, publish and sell, distribute books, periodicals, leaflets, brochures and papers and also to open and maintain libraries, reading rooms and to do all that is needed for the development and furtherance of the objects of the Society
  • To establish and run training centres for imparting vocational training
  • To work towards and also establish centres for English language training, regional languages training and also foreign language training
  • To establish, maintain and to extend superintendence over colleges to impart education in the area of higher education especially the emerging field like, Electronics, Bio-technology, and other allied fields
  • To promote communal harmony in the society and to organize seminars, debates, symposia
  • To promote art, literature or science
  • To work for the care or relief of the orphans or of the sick, helpless, indigent persons
  • To work for the alleviation of the sufferings of animals
  • To work for the diffusion of knowledge
  • To work for the dissemination of social, political and economic education
  • To work towards the establishment and maintenance of libraries or reading-rooms for the members or for the public
  • To work towards preservation and collection of precious, old manuscripts, painting, sculptures, works of art antiquities, natural history specimens, mechanical and scientific instruments and designs
  • To provide legal assistance to the poor and to those who, with ordinary diligence, are deprived of any legal assistance
  • To organize and initiate measures for forming self-help group and to help such groups towards sustainable social and economic development
  • To help generate employment opportunities to the socially downtrodden section of the society