Bringing Awareness


Primary Duties and Responsibilities of General Members

1. Public Relations

• Present The Wisdom before one or more groups each month (house group, organizations, institutions, philanthropists etc.)
• Implement established plans to build relationships within the local community to familiarize the public about the importance and challenges regarding education in India in general and the  purpose of The Wisdom in particular.
• Establish the positioning of The Wisdom as a genuine Non-Profit-Organization.

2. Fundraising

• Continually develop a list of potential new members and donor partners.
• Actively recruit new members and donor partners as per established strategies.
• Meet with one or more potential donors and members each month.
• Solicit sponsors and sell tickets for special fund raising events held by The Wisdom.

3. Volunteer recruitment/Volunteer

• Solicit volunteers to host education awareness gatherings
• Recruit volunteers from local community to volunteer with The Wisdom
• Volunteer time at different Project locations as and when possible.
• Volunteer at fund raising events.
• Volunteer special skills to help with administration.
• Attend an annual General Members meeting to meet other members and gather first hand information about the achievements and challenges of The Wisdom.

Rights of General Members

• A copy of the Objectives and current and planned Projects will be provided for perusal.
• A General Member has the right to volunteer at projects initiated by The Wisdom after being assessed as qualified to do so, at the discretion and under direct supervision of one or more Executive Members of The Wisdom. The Member may need to undergo training and testing before permission is granted; and may need to upgrade their skills if required to continue volunteering.
• A General Member has the right to visit any project as an observer at any time.