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To like our facebook page

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Contact :

Swami Divyasukhananda (Amit Maharaj) from Ramakrishna Mission, India: “Gone through the newsletter of Wisdom. Hope your organization will be able to extend help to people at various difficult occasions to come out from that in future too. ”

Mr. D. Ganguly from New Delhi, India:  “Brilliant Effort and great motive. I pray for all success.” - A feedback on the E-Newsletter "Namaste".

Mr. Aditya Agrawal from Chhattisgarh, India: “The cards that I have received made me realize how beautiful a human thinks by expressing their thought through drawing. They are very beautiful, full of colors and joy of making such drawings. I like all the drawing specially the one made my Puspita Naskar showing two houses in the jungle and one by Suman Das showing a villager carrying some weights on his shoulder and walking beside a river.  I appreciate the work what you are doing Sukarna. Keep up the good work. People like you are needed in the society who feels for others. And not just feels it but does something for it to improve. ”

Ms. Madhuparna Sen from Massachusetts, USA: “The cards which we got painted by the children are so colourful and a beautiful representation of rural India. I am planning to use them in my school here as gifts to my colleagues and I am sure they will be greatly appreciated by one and all. Good job done by the kids and your organization, keep it up!  ”

Ms. Paramita Chakraborty from USA: “ A big thank you for the cards. They are beautiful. You have a bunch of talented kids in your organization. Tell them to keep up the good work. Do they take art lessons? I love them all but the one with the temple sketch is my favorite. Wish you and the kids all the best.”

Ms. Soma Roy from Pennsylvania, USA: “ The greetings cards were nice. I loved the creative expressions of the kids. However the cards are a little too expensive. The paper quality could have been better and I received envelopes with smudges all over. Any event, this being a fundraising activity, so it might be ok as the cause is definitely good and I support it. Finally I strongly believe, the Wisdom logo and the write-up should have been in smaller fonts at the back of each card. My heartiest congratulations to Suman Das for his achievement at Talent Contest. I liked his art work too. What was Wisdom's contribution towards Suman's achievement? Did you all coach him for it? Please post more details while posting about a project or person. The kids and you looked happy with Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Keep up the good work! Best wishes!”

Ms. Mriduta Pal from Andhra Pradesh, India: “ Received the cards a few weeks back.I must say was quite impressed at the work. The drawings by those little children are so professional and i believe they are so much better than the cards we get in any of the leading stores. You must be so proud of them aren't you?  Somehow the drawings reminds me of the Arts period of SJC and makes me so nostalgic. The touch of genuineness in each of them gives such a  warm feeling that we don't get from the printed and e-cards that we are so used to now a days! Matter of fact i have one pinned up right on my soft-board in office and i feel good each time i see it.. nice stress buster in office u see :-)  Thanks so much to you and my love , good wishes and prayers for all the little ones there.  A heartfelt congratulations to you and you children and your meeting with the Former President. Love "

Ms. Agnes Goyvaerts from Skibbereen, Ireland:  “I am so grateful for the cards, they are lovely and I'm using them all the time. The children are real artists and it is great that they can contribute to their own education by producing such fine cards. Many thanks to all.”

Dr. T. M. Roy of Kolkata, India: “I felt very happy visiting The Wisdom on the occasion of 1st year anniversary on 25th Dec, ’11. When we go to a fete, we find so many stalls decorated with their goods, so much of attractions and excitement. People are puzzled where to go, what to buy! We fall into confusion. We cannot make a definite choice. Choice between bad and worse - not good and bad! Choice less awareness is the only confusion less state of mind. Choice less awareness is the only joyful state of mind. This invitation has given us an opportunity for a choice less awareness and a stable state of mind and we really enjoyed the programme. Services provided by the faculties are very much fitting for fighting the challenges in today’s socioeconomic framework for earning bread and butter for their livelihood. The children will be benefited in their practical life in the long run. By interaction with the faculty members they will gain knowledge. They will learn self respect. They will learn values of life. Lastly, I will would like to suggest introducing yoga practice for half an hour which will be helpful for the development of body and mind of the growing children.”

Mr. Sushanta Datta of Kolkata, India: “To-day, the 25th of December’2011 The Wisdom, Kolkata celebrated Foundation day, their first birth anniversary.  I was present to witness the stride made by The Wisdom during the last one year. The building, where The Wisdom holds its class on each Saturday, was the venue for the celebration. The children decorated the building with lights, coloured papers and enlivened the occasion with their bright smiling faces. The loudspeaker was blaring a recorded message of Smt. Basabi Basu. The environment was of the mood of a grand celebration. As I stepped in, a student welcomed me with a smiling face and folded hands.  I liked the way she ushered me in, beaming with confidence, responsibility and with a sense of involvement and commitment.  She politely offered me a seat and went back to receive other guests. The programme started with the introductory speech of Smt. Sukarna Ghosh Majumdar, when she asked one of the children to take hold of the programme.  The children, one by one shared their learning experience in The Wisdom, their dream and their will to become good citizens. They spoke in English with confidence and conviction. The anchor of the programme, again a student of The Wisdom, requested the guests present to say a few words for them.  He was dignified, confident and humble. The lighted Birthday candle was blown out, the cake was cut and “Happy Birthday to us” was sung by the students.  Cake was served to all the guests present.  Every “Thank you” was responded by the students with “Welcome” courteously. All along, the children were participative and enjoyed the programme very soberly showing discipline yet with childish pranks.  The students courteously offered a red rose, a greeting card designed by them and a food packet to each guest present. The programme ended with the children volunteering to participate in dancing on popular numbers. They were all very excited, nice, dignified and mutually supportive to each other. Smt Sukarna Ghosh Majumdar and Smt. Sutapa Datta, their mentors mingled and danced with them heartily adding emotion and caring sentiments that The Wisdom value most. Overall, I felt that the children, besides learning spoken and written English, have developed a sense of self respect, self dignity and confidence.  Given the background of the children, mostly from under privileged segments of our society, the development during the last one year with The Wisdom, is amazing. The children feel important, respond with positivity and they know they can achieve. The beginning of The Wisdom is promising and it is all set to make its presence felt. Congratulations to you, The Wisdom on your first Birthday. ”